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Day #8: The Hero of my own story..


#8: The hero of my own story?

Every night while laying in bed trying to fall asleep, I basically daydream. I cast myself and those close to me in a story. Sometimes it’s about properties which already exist, such as Pokémon, Naruto, or Professional Wrestling. Other times I would make up new worlds. I do it exactly like you would think. My friends are my allies, and those I don’t care for become the villains of my story. One kind of universe I always use is an anime type world which even my cats become talking sidekicks. I make Kayla into a witch who teaches magic. She uses her magic to turn our three cats into giant tigers to fight alongside of us. I roam around with two daggers, being snarky like Spider-man and able to do flips, karate, and actually have balance: the complete opposite from me. To quote my friend Dakota, “I have the balance of a new born baby.” Honestly he’s not wrong. If I ever wrote a story where I would base a character after me, I wouldn’t make myself the main character. I just couldn’t. I don’t think I’m interesting or relatable enough to have people invest in the story. I would like to have my character be “the guy behind the chair”: the smart guy who helps the main character to change, become the hero, and helps him or her overcome an obstacle. I do like to take pieces of people and insert them into characters, but I can’t say I have even based a character solely off of someone else.

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