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Day #45: Kayla


#45: Kayla

Today is Kayla’s birthday. We actually just got home from Longhorn Steakhouse, and I ate way too much and am ready to go lay in bed. I figured this would be a good time to go in depth about Kayla. We have been dating around 2 and half years as of right now. We met at a party, though we did actually work together, where I gave her a ride home, rescuing her from her already lined up ride who was not only drunk, but rather rapey as well. Kayla is one of, if not the best things to happen to me. She is seriously the fucking best. People always make the joke about how their significant other is so great because they deal with them. Well for me, it’s true. I can be a dick and just a downright cranky asshole at times. We are always laughing when we are together, even when things aren’t even funny. She keeps me in line, and we are able to have conversations about anything. A problem I had before meeting Kayla was the girls I would go out on dates with where just boring and had no personality. She seriously has her life together, especially for someone her age. When we first started dating, she had some credit card debt, a lot actually. She has been able to get rid of almost all of it and has found a job she loves,which pays pretty great as well. She plays video games, watches YouTube, and creates art. She has interesting hobbies and is such a caring person. When it comes to animals, I think we would have about 80 pets by now if I wouldn’t stop her. Not just because she thinks they are cute because when she sees animals without a home it really breaks her heart. In the winter, if she sees a stray cat, she cries literally cries she feels so bad. I can’t say Kayla is the best person in the world, but she is the best person for me.

Everyday I will be posting an entry in my writing challenge 100 Days which has been collected into a print collection. If you are interested in purchasing a print collection:

Kayla and I have also started a weekly podcast. You can check it out here: It's called In the Bed with Austin and Kayla because we literally record it as we lay in bed!

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