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Day #46:


#46: Themed Restaurant

An idea which runs through my head once in awhile is opening a themed restaurant. There used to be this bar in Chicago called The Squared Circle. It was a professional wrestling themed bar owned by former WWE/TNA wrestler Victoria. When we went, she was actually at the brick oven pizza joint, and she was really nice and personable. It was cool because she really loved wrestling and sat down with us to watch Raw. The bar was filled with weapons used at events, worn ring gear,hairfrom a hair vs hair match at Wrestlemania, and bunch of other cool stuff. I thought it would be cool to open a nerd themed bar and restaurant. In my head, it would also have a gift shop like the Cracker Barrel has. It would sell toys, comics, shirts, and things like that. It could have themed nights watching WWE, or having a video game tournament, and it would always have sci-fi movies or anime playing on the tv (first episodes only, can’t spoil anything). I would also have a cafe like part, so people could come hang out and get a milkshake maybe. I’d get an artist to come in and paint characters on the walls, have cardboard cutouts and a life size Yoda. We would also have to do Dungeons and Dragons or role playing game nights. I think this could work if you had the right owner/staff, really cool people who give good service, and make good food. I know nothing about the restaurant business and all that /,so I could never do this, but I hope someone does!

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