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Day #43: Dad's Collection...


#43: Dad’s Collection…

My dad is retired and has to find ways to keep busy. He helps watch my niece and hangs out with my uncle. What do they do? They go to auctions, which seems normal enough. My uncle buys and sells tools, which is why he goes, but my dad kind of collects things. The reason I say kind of, is because he doesn’t really have a rhyme or reason to what he buys... For example, he has two telephone booths. Why does he need them? I have no idea. He also has several parking meters, a stamp machine, several road signs, an M and M’s promotional standee, and a fire hydrant. I swear he is trying to start his own civilization.My parents have a two stall garage which never has any vehicles parked in them because it’s full of my dad’s shit. It keeps my dad busy, and some of it is cool, but most of it I just have to shake my head at.

Everyday I will be posting an entry in my writing challenge 100 Days which has been collected into a print collection. If you are interested in purchasing a print collection:

Kayla and I have also started a weekly podcast. You can check it out here: It's called In the Bed with Austin and Kayla because we literally record it as we lay in bed!

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