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Day #39: Getting groceries..


#39: Getting Groceries

It’s one of the most annoying things in the world, but it can’t be avoided. It sucks to go get groceries, but having food in your house is seriously the greatest thing ever. The house was running a bit low on stuff for Kayla and I to make lunches for work, so we ran out and picked some up. For the most part when we go, we don’t really make a list. We will write down a few things we know we need, but we basically end up walking the entire store. Most of our groceries either come from Aldi or Walmart. If you are unfamiliar with Aldi, it is a wonderful place. Extremely cheap groceries. You have to put a quarter in to basically rent a shopping cart. They do this so they don’t have to send employees outside to wrangle up carts because people bring them back and get the quarter back. The other kind of odd thing about Aldi is they don’t bag your groceries. You can grab boxes from around the store or bring you own bags. After they scan all of your stuff, they put them in another cart, and you bag them yourself in an area in the front of the store. Kayla is a really picky eater, so part of our groceries always stay the same. A butt load of ground beef (basically the only meat she will eat), spaghettios, etc. We buy all of our bananas and bread from the local gas station because they are actually cheaper at Kwik Star than anyone else in the area.

Almost everyday I will be posting a day from my writing collection 100 Days.

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