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Day 33: Food Fight


#33: Food Fight

This isn’t the conventional food fight. I’m not talking about throwing food at each other; I am talking about legit fighting food, if it was somehow brought to life. Before I get started, go on YouTube right now and look up the intro to an anime called “Fighting Foodons”… I’ll wait...I’m serious. Gdo it. won’t be disappointed. I loved that anime growing up. Sucha crazy premise. I love me some weird stuff. A few foods I wouldn’t want to fight would be crab, lobster, any kind of nuts with shells, or a pineapple. If I had to say fight a taco, I would pull it’s insides out. This sounds really savage, but it would be the best way. I like to think if I was fighting food, a good weapon to have would be a super soaker filled with hot sauce or ketchup. Hot sauce to the eyes would be a good tactic, regardless of who or what you are fighting. Fighting a giant grilled cheese would be fun, but I’m not sure if any kicks or punches would actually do anything since it’s body is so gooey. I actually want to do this idea as a comic now. An underground fight league for food. Maybe not underground. How about a television broadcast tournament, such as the world martial arts tournament in Dragon Ball Z. The main villain would be a taco who: went to prison as a soft shell, comes out as a hard shell. He fights dirty, so he was given the nickname “the nutcracker.” For some reason, I can only write comics about fuckery. Well, I actually can write other things, I just prefer weird shit like this. I can already think of some great action movie one-liners “Seems like soda got popped…” “Snap crackle damn pastries.” Yeah this needs to happen. I NEEDS IT!!!

Everyday I will be posting an entry in my writing challenge 100 Days which has been collected into a print collection. If you are interested in purchasing a print collection:

Kayla and I have also started a weekly podcast. You can check it out here: It's called In the Bed with Austin and Kayla because we literally record it as we lay in bed!

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