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If you are really paying attention, you noticed I missed a day… I’m pretty upset, but I’m going to keep going. Here’s what happened. It’s actually all Kayla’s fault. It was late at night. I had just worked a 10 hour shift and wanted to take a nap on the couch. She wanted to go take a nap in the bed, to which I replied, “I won’t get up if we take a nap in the bed.” “Don’t worry, I will wake you up.” Spoiler alert: she didn’t. She is actually sitting right next to me as I write this saying it isn’t her fault, which is exactly what a guilty party would say. When it comes to nerdy things, most of them have a pretty toxic fanbase. If I said I was a big anime fan in a group of nerds, one person would probably try to best me on trivia, or say, “Oh yeah well did you know...” I guess I have a few really cool things I’ve done which deal with nerdy related things, and I figured I would share them. First is the WWE/professional wrestling stuff. I have been on WWE tv multiple times. One time, I was doing the Yes chant in a group. Another time, I was right on the entrance ramp, high-fiving wrestlers as they went down the ramp. But the last time was my personal favorite. There used to be this wrestler named Balls Mahoney from Nutley, New Jersey, who always went balls to the wall. 12 year old me took a sign which read I (drawing of a heart) Balls. Then I drew two upside down hearts to look like nutsacks. They actually zoomed in on me for a solid ten seconds. I still have the sign upstairs on the wall with my ticket stub. It’s weird to say, but I’m proud to have been on national television, holding up a sign saying I love balls. I successfully completed a 24 hour comic challenge with a group of others. A 24 hour comic challenge is when you have 24 hours to write and draw a 24 page comic without having planned anything beforehand. Once I was on the other side of a window from George Takei. I have the first appearance of Black Suit Spider-Man signed by the artist Mike Zeck. I got to sing the “Log Song” with Ren and Stimpy co-creator, Bob Camp. My high school truck had a chrome Autobots logo on it. Some of these aren’t actually accomplishments. I’m sorry. I have lied to you. I promise tomorrow's entry will be better...probably.

Everyday I will be posting an entry in my writing challenge 100 Days which has been collected into a print collection. If you are interested in purchasing a print collection:

Kayla and I have also started a weekly podcast. You can check it out here: It's called In the Bed with Austin and Kayla because we literally record it as we lay in bed!

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