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Day #16: All about dem games!


#16: All about dem games!

Today Kayla and I have been watching E3 coverage all day. I figured I should talk about some games. When I was a kid, I loved my GameBoy. I took it everywhere I went! I had all the add ons, link cable, extra light, etc. I eventually got a ruby red GameBoy SP, which was amazing, as it had rechargeable batteries, so I didn’t have to have tons of double a batteries laying around. Then eventually I got a DS and then a 3DS. I know people like to shit on handhelds or Nintendo, but all I have to say is Sonic, Pokémon, Mario, Zelda, and Super Smash Bros. I’ve always loved the Pokémon games, starting with Red, but the game I played the most was Ruby. I have to make sure to give a shout out to Grand Theft Audio. I bought a Playstation 2 and had it on hands at all time, so I could play San Andreas. Eventually I graduated to an XBox 360 and fell in love with Gears of War. I’m not really good at video games, but I had tons of fun playing co-op and with the story as well. I love me some Sci-Fi. A game I was damn near addicted to was Fables 2. Looking back I believe it has to do with the fact it was kind of a video game version of Dungeons and Dragons. The choices you made affected the look of your character. For example if you did evil deeds, you began to grow horns. You could also roam around and either do side quests or just attack random people. I personally loved the fact I could get STDs in the game. Yeah, I’m sick, I know. I currently have a PS4 and don’t game a ton, but when I do, I play Fortnite, Rocket League, and any of the WWE games. I never feel like I get enough done in a day, and I think this is the reason I never got into playing video games. If I spent an hour playing video games, I would get on myself about not writing or reading etc. Also me sucking at games probably adds to that. Video games can really bring people together. I remember one Christmas, my brother-in-law got Rock Band and we played it for almost two days straight. The Guitar Hero and Rockband games helped me to discover some music I wouldn’t have otherwise. So I can partially thank my taste in music to a video game… I know what some of you are thinking, if you loved Dungeons and Dragons and Fables, why don’t you play World of Warcraft? The answer is because it would most likely consume my life…

Everyday I will be posting an entry in my writing challenge 100 Days which has been collected into a print collection. If you are interested in purchasing a print collection:

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