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Day #15: Meet the Family


#15: Meet the Family

I’ve talked a little bit about my immediate family members so far, but I think I will go more in depth about each one. I like to think we are all actually really close to each other. Everyone except for one of my sisters lives in the same town. My sister Aliess lives about 4.5 hours away in IL. We still see each other and talk on the phone quite a bit.

Dave: My dad is one goofy ass guy. When I was very young, my father danced with death. He got stage 4 skin cancer, which isn’t a surprise considering he was outside a lot growing up on a farm. He was on chemotherapy for about a year and a half. All of that happened about 15 years ago. My father basically kicked death in the dick. My dad and I are different, but the same. We both have very different hobbies, but our mannerisms are the same. I hear how much I’m like my dad all the time, sometimes from people I don’t even know. He was able to retire early and keep his benefits and pension. So growing up, he was always around; picked me up from school, drove me places, it was really cool to have that.

Joyce: My mother who can drive me insane. It’s kind of funny that I want to be a writer because my mother can’t tell a story to save her life. As I’ve said before, she is an excellent cook. She is always trying to get me to go to church, which is annoying, but I know in her mind, she is doing something good. She is one of the hardest working people I know. I’m proud to call her my mother. A common saying is, you will date someone like your mother. As horrible as it sounds, and extremely gross if you think about it in a sexual way, I could do a lot worse.

Aliess: The middle of the three. She most definitely suffers from middle child syndrome. She has a masters degree and works as a scientist for a cooking oil factory. I honestly couldn’t tell you anything she does beyond that description. Though I enjoy science, I never had a mind for it like she does. Due to her job, she has got to travel to some very cool places around the world. I was very close to her while growing up, even though we have a ten year age difference.

Ashley: The oldest of us, Ashley is best described as a people person. She works for a college as a teacher and used to be a student activity director. She also has a masters degree and is working on getting her doctorate. I don’t think I will ever be able to call her doctor without laughing. I think she and I are opposite ends of a coin; she loves people, is extremely appropriate, and I’m not a people person and am not very appropriate (once you get to know me). She also changes her hair color and style every month, I swear.

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