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Day #12: God


#12: God

This is a touchy subject for many, so if you are easily offended on the topic I suggest you look past this section. I was raised in a Catholic family and went to Catholic school my entire life. My senior year of high school, I was in the Honors Religion class, and if I remember correctly I was one of the top in the class. Now I can’t really say I don’t believe in God, but at the very least, I’m not a fan. Now I know a lot about Catholicism, and religion is something which is extremely interesting to me. In my library, I have multiple copies of the Bible, as well as the satanic bible, Kama Sutra, and Bhagavad Gita. After learning about a bunch of different religions in my World Religions class, I just became really interested. I say I’m not a fan of God because of my anxiety and depression. I’ve been so down on my luck at times, I have looked up to sky and asked God why. Why me? Other times I have cursed him out in rage. Look at all the horrible pain and suffering in the world. All the homeless, mental illness, and poor. On the other hand, I look and think, maybe it’s a test. God wants to see how we deal with things. What we do or if we help. I know for some people, faith is how they deal with problems. I always think to the character Laverne from Scrubs. She uses faith to deal with all of the horrible things she sees in the hospital. The promise of something better (Heaven) helps a lot of people make it through life, as well as comforting those who are close to death. One thing I’ve seen is people use faith as an excuse to be shit others. They drink and drive, are racist/homophobic, but since they go to church on Sunday, they are good people. I have always hated how people use faith to fuel hatred. You are supposed to love and treat others as you want to be treated. In my mind, religion is flawed. God is not. At its base, the golden rule is a great thing to stand by. I don’t have anything against anyone who is religious, and I have great respect for Father Henry Huber, my priest in high school and teacher for Honors Religion. We battled many times about issues, but he never held any of that against me. When I was working at HyVee, a midwest grocery store chain, I would see him almost every week and chat about The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. He is a stand up guy.

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