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Making a Vision Board

No rules for the night!

A few days ago my local library had a Visoneering Class where we made vision boards. The class was lead by Dustin Behn of Inspired Nation. Six people attended the class, but I know more had planned on coming. One lady who planned on coming was finally able to get to her house for the first time in about four days due to the flooding. She wanted to see her husband and lay in her bed I can't say I don't blame her. It's too bad only six people came because this was a great class.

Kayla gets started

Going in I honestly had no idea what to expect. I had heard about making a vision board, but had no I idea what I had gotten myself into. I figured it might be something Kayla (my old lady) might like so I invited her to join me. We arrived about five minutes late due to my parent's clock being about ten minutes off. Luckily they hadn't started yet. My sister ended up being about ten minutes later than us so it was all good. When we walked into the room the tables had large sheets of paper on them as well as some colored pencils and crayons. We started of with a kind of game. The goal was to see who could hold a folding chair out in front of us arms straight for the longest. I didn't win, but I will point out Kayla dropped first because and I quote "I have weak arms.," After we had all dropped our chairs Dusty asked us if we would had been able to hold the chair out longer had we been promised 10k a week for the rest of our lives. Could we hold it for over twice as long if we had the time to prepare? Heck yeah. This would kind of lead into the theme of the night: What do we want out of our lives? I know I got deep pretty fast keep reading I get even deeper.

Sorry I'm a writer not photographer!

He told us to start drawing on our papers what we wanted in life, what our goals were. He played us some inspiring music and left us to work for a while. Some people stared blankly into the whiteness of the page, but I know what I want out of live. For the most part I always have. I think I'm extremely lucky I have kind of found my life's purpose. After about fifteen minutes he made us share what we had on our sheets to the group. I'm not normally a shy person, but I felt nervous standing in front of people telling them what I wanted out of life. Eventually everyone went and the room kind of felt down. I think people all felt uneasy for a few different reasons. For me I knew what I wanted and am working towards it daily, but I was kind of depressed that I'm not further along. Others might have felt they weren't working hard enough to get what they wanted. I think it was kind of a reality check for everyone and I am saying this in a good way. Dusty shared with us his vision boards he had made over the years. He said he made a new one every 4-5 years all in the same sketch pad. He could go back and look at what he had wanted and sometimes he could go back and check things off because now he had them or had accomplished them. He said he had us draw on our boards as apposed to cutting out from magazines because that is someone else's we need to make our own dreams.

My vision board will be getting framed soon and hung up someplace in the house where I will see it everyday. One my board I had stacks of books all written by me because I want to write a ton of books, comics, and content. I had a book shelf with x100 by it because I have always wanted to be well read and hopefully an expert someday in comics/manga. I had cats, and children on it because I always want to have a ton of cats and having a family someday is very important to me. I also had myself teaching a class because someday I hope to give back. When I first started out writing and hell even now one of the main reasons I am able to advance foreword is because of the help i have received from others. Someday I hope to pay it foreword. It was pretty cool to see my sister talk about what she had on her board. I didn't know her as well as I thought I did. All in all I think making a vision board is something everyone should do. Writing down what you want makes it real and you almost hold yourself accountable.

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