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Since all of you nosy people enjoyed the post about my honeymoon i figured you would enjoy giving this a read.

These are the vows I wrote for my wedding.

First off I want to say no one is making her do this. You will have to bear with me because I have terrible handwriting. I’m not sure about what my views are on God or a higher being are, but I do believe things happen for a reason. When I worked at Hyvee I never parked where I was supposed to. I parked outside the Wine and Spirits. In the winter I wore a Picachu hat with full on ears. Because of this I started started to talk to a Wine and Spirits worker named Dakota. One day he tasked Kayla with inviting me to a party. This party was on Easter weekend. We weren’t doing anything with my family on that weekend because my sister and her family couldn’t make it back. Her ride home from the party was drunk and I had to drive by her house anyways. Oh yeah the biggest thing is I don’t like going to parties. All of these things had to happen for us to meet. Here we are almost four years later. What we have is love. Love is many things trust, understanding, being able to deal with each other, sometimes when one is in the shower and the other is taking a shit, it’s having five cats because you just can’t say no to her, and the most important thing it is is something we share with each other… and the cats. And I repeat no one is making her do this.

Damn all typed up this doesn’t look like much. The people in attendance are probably glad because it was an outside wedding in October (blame it on Kayla her idea) IT WAS FUCKING FREEZING.

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