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Blackbeard King of the Kaiju

Here is an old pitch which has long been abandoned thought I would share.

Blackbeard King of the Kaiju

BACKGROUND: My name is Austin Allen Hamblin an independent comic book writer best known for The Headless Hitman, Adventures of Punk and Rock, and Steel Wool.

HIGH CONCEPT: After finding a gem allowing him to control/summon mythical creatures Black Beard sails to the United States with his army of pirates, mermaids, giant octopus, and sea serpents the navy is ready to wave the white flag the world's only hope is Kendrick who just so happens to be Black Beards bastard son.

THE STORY: As Black Beard sails to the coast of what would later become the US no one is going to attempt to stop him not the French, Spanish, British, etc. Many people head west past the Appalachian Mountains hoping Black Beard will stay close to the coast. Kendrick decides to try and take him down with his own crew. Who would help him on this suicide mission? People who had nothing to lose and respect to gain for their people (Native Americans, African-Americans, Irish, French). As Black Beard takes over Kendrick takes his misfit team to train in hopes they can take down Black Beard and save the world.

Black Beard: No one had seen or heard of him in over a year until resurfacing with kaiju on the coast of England. He is a great swords/marksmen, and is extremely intelligent even though he wears ragged clothes and looks as though he has bathed in weeks.

Kendrick: The bastard son of Black Beard a well-respected captain in the navy, a great marksman who is obsessed with taking down pirates.

Lena: Kendrick’s mother who doesn’t approve of Kendrick being in the navy and locking up so many free spirits (pirates). A drunk who is always telling Kendrick to be more like his father.

Maka: Native American and master archer who joins Kendrick’s crew in hopes stopping black beard will gain respect for his people.

Charles: Former slave and close friend of Kendrick who was a hard sell to join Kendrick’s crew but does so to help gain respect for his people.

GENRE: Sci-fi/fantasy

THEME: Circumstances of birth and family don’t define who you are.

RELEVANCE: With the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie on its way out this is a perfect time to capitalize on pirate fandom.

STRONG VISUALS: Monsters, pirates, and giant fight scenes.

FAN BASE: Pirates of the Caribbean, One Piece, King Kong, and Pacific Rim.

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