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A decade in comics...

A Decade in Comics:

This month I celebrate my 10th year making comics. I’ve been writing comics for a tad bit longer, but my first official comic book release was a collection of short comics called The Trial Run. I was a senior in high school and everyone in my dinky small town thought I was going to be Stan Lee. In between classes I walked around with a box of comics and sold them to students and teachers alike.

I have accomplished many things through my time in comics, but the best part has been meeting people at cons and through our love of comics. I’ve met my closest friends in Phil Hester, Trey Baldwin, Eric Gapstur, Kurt Belcher, Scott Twells, John Ira Thomas, and many more. I’ve also got to meet kids at cons who loved the same things I do and they were amazed an adult knew about Pokemon, anime, or comics. As someone who was that kid pre-internet looking for someone to talk to. I get it.

I’ve got to experience some full circle moments one of which was working with Phil Hester whose work I used to buy. Interning for Devil’s Due/First Comics whose comics I also read. Finally, the biggest one was being published by Image Comics which is my all-time favorite publisher.

I’ve been published over 40 times, I’ve traveled across the Midwest peddling my portfolio, and I’ve failed a lot, but I tell you one thing. I would not trade it for the world. I will be a professional author. I’ll always be thankful for the people who have bought my comics and encouraged me to keep going. Peace out and remember don’t be a dick!

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